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Hey, OM System Team!

I've got some exciting upcoming opportunities to pursue moose photography on a backcountry canoe/kayak expedition.

This specific trip is my all-time favourite type of photography adventure and I look forward to it all year long. It's a true wilderness journey which will involve pristine lakes, misty mornings, backcountry camping, rugged portages, and prime wetlands. Each year between May and June moose can't resist feeding on the newly grown aquatic vegetation, and often feed for hours on end. On numerous occasions I've had them literally swim right out in front of me which is a completely next-level experience. I've discovered several secluded locations which have yielded incredible results the past 5+ years, and in addition to moose, I'll be searching for loons, beavers, otters, and a variety of other animals.

Here are some sample photos to (hopefully) inspire you to support my journey:

In addition to photography, I'll also be creating video content for Reels and Tiktok. My goal is to create multiple POV videos showing me with your camera gear and a moose in the background, followed by actual camera footage. I also intend to create a slightly longer video montage (30 seconds) showcasing my adventure as a whole, which will include BTS camping moments and wildlife encounters to really showcase the trip as a wilderness journey.


 Here's an example of a Reel I produced last year:

(thumbnail is linked to the video)

I've been loving the OM 1 and 150-400 lens and want to showcase it more!


This trip will specifically highlight several of the OM1's features:

- super slow motion footage (ie: water dripping from moose antlers, loon wing flaps)

- image stabilization (shooting from a slightly rocking canoe is never as stable as shooting from land)

- super zoom (the farther I can shoot from the better, as not all wildlife is tolerant of the presence of a canoe)

- general sense of adventure and ruggedness (ie: dust proof, water resistant. I am travelling through true wilderness; this will associate your gear with a sense of adventure)

Thanks for having a look - let's make some awesome things happen together!

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