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Sample images
for Algonquin Art Centre


"Like Mother Like Daughter"
"Spirit of Algonquin"
"A Sight to Behold"
"Drifting Through Shadwos"
"Teddy Bear"
"The Old Man"
"Making a Splash"
"On Lookout"
"Swimming Through Mist"
"Dancing in the Fog"
"June Giant"
"Silent Predator"
"Daybreak on the Lake"
"Summer in Algonquin"
"Island in the Clouds"
"Look into my Soul"
"Pondering Moose"
"Summer Heron"
"Taking a Dip"
"Welcome to Spring"

Sample Price List
-please note I am open to colloboration and adjustment-

Framed Fine Art Prints:

Small Format (ranging from 8x10 - 11x17)

Medium to Large Format (ranging from 12x16 to 24x36)

Framed Canvas Prints:

30% greater price than their framed fine art print counterparts

Matted 8x10's

These have been a best seller and are my personal favourite. Pre-matted in a lovely, snug fitting cellophane wrapping packing, customers can easily fit the photos into any standard 11x14 of their own choosing later on. This is a more versatile option for people, is lower commitment financially, and makes a great gift purchase for people to grab as they shop.


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