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Hello Sony Alpha Universe, and welcome to the condensed version of my portfolio. 

Please give it a quick scroll through to see some of my best work, examples of viral social media content, and a brief conservation trailer produced for Algonquin Park in Canada.
(please note images on website are low resolution only)

Examples of Success on Social Media

(thumbnails are linked to the videos)

Sample Video Work
(conservation trailer for Algonquin Park, Canada)

Thanks for having a look.

With your support, I'd love to continue showcasing wildlife inspired content with Sony Gear and collaborate with you as a Sony Ambassador.

I believe I have a large, engaged audience who look up to me and are inspired by my photography and video work.

Through my photos and videos, my goals are to inspire people to care for the natural world, motivate nature photographers to continue pushing the boundaries of what they can accomplish, show the stories behind my adventures, and showcase Sony as the tool of my craft.

I hope we can make great things happen together as I continue to showcase why your gear is a cut above the rest.


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